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Cruise ships are one of the most social environments available to today’s travelers.  Especially with gay cruises like Atlantis and RSVP, cruisers can easily find themselves with lots of new friends by the end of their vacation. With Cruise Cards, it’s easy to let the people you meet onboard know your contact information.  And with completely customizable information, you can let them know your details onboard the ship as well as how to contact you after your voyage is over.


How to Order

Cruise Cards are fulfilled by Zazzle.  Clicking on any design in the COLLECTION will bring you to its product page on Zazzle.  From there, click on the Personalize button. 






Now you can replace the sample information on the card with your own information, as well as uploading a profile picture of yourself.  All cards are completely customizable, so you can choose to include information such as state room number, cruise name and date, social media contact info, email address, home location, and a personal picture.  Once you have the card looking the way you want, click on Done.  Then just click Add to Cart, purchase your cruise cards, and start packing!

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